We offer the following training courses:

  1. GUT Basic Course – General introduction in ultrasonic testing
  2. UT1V-Ultrasonic Testing (according to EN 473)
  3. UT2V-Ultrasonic Testing (according to EN 473)
  4. UTW-Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement
  5. UTPA-Introduction to the Phased Array Technology
  6. UTToFD-Introduction tot the TOFD Technology
  7. PS-Introduction to various ISONIC products

All courses can also be conducted at your premises. 


Content UTW course:

Duration = 3 days

This course provides an overview about ultrasonic thickness measurement

  • Basics in Ultrasound (waves, frequency, piezo-electric effect, sound velocity, reflection etc.)
  • Ultrasonic thickness instrumentation (with and without A-scan)
  • Probes (T/R, straight beam and delay line probes)
  • Adjustments with step block
  • Basics on sound propagation
  • Corrosion measurement
  • Precision thickness measurement with Ultrasound
  • Introduction to various functions and features available in the Sonotron UTPod TG

Participants and pre- conditions for participation:

This course is for beginners in ultrasonic thickness measurement and users who want to have a deeper insight in the various functions of the Sonotron UTPod TG.

Training fee per participant:

(3 days) 990,– EUR




United NDT and Sonotron NDT are solution providers in Ultrasonic testing.

We not only provide High-Tech Ultrasonic Inspection equipment, we also develop and manufacture Hard- and Software for special applications. Whether you are looking for testing solutions with single- and multichannel instruments, conventional ultrasonic technology or advanced Phased ArrayTOFD, manual, semi-automatic and automatic scanner Systems.




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