One of the most important applications for ultrasonic testing is inspection of welding, in particular welded steel plates (e.g. pipelines, vessels, ships etc.).

In the past ultrasonic testing was very often applied as a complement to X-Ray testing as some type of flaws were not detectable with X-Ray and vice versa. Today ultrasonic inspection is more widely used and becomes more important than the X-Ray technology, since new technologies have been applied which improves the detectability of flaws and provides extensive reports even with images representing the part inspected.

Phased Array equipment, combined with TOFD techniques are used with the aim to fully replace X-Ray one day.

ISONIC 2009 and ISONIC 2010 as well as the ISONIC PAUT system for pipeline weld inspection are products which represent the innovative, state of the art technologies from Sonotron suitable for all kinds of weld inspection tasks.




United NDT and Sonotron NDT are solution providers in Ultrasonic testing.

We not only provide High-Tech Ultrasonic Inspection equipment, we also develop and manufacture Hard- and Software for special applications. Whether you are looking for testing solutions with single- and multichannel instruments, conventional ultrasonic technology or advanced Phased ArrayTOFD, manual, semi-automatic and automatic scanner Systems.




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