Whenever flat parts are bonded by gluing, soldering or other techniques, the question about the quality of the bonding comes up.

With the help of an ultrasonic testing equipment it becomes an easy task to qualify the bonding. The propagation of the sound through a bonded layer is directly related to the quality of the bonding.

With a suitable equipment such as the ISONIC 2009 it is possible to get a C-Scan image of the scanned region which represents the bonding quality over the entire area. This C-Scan image provides various bonding qualities in a color-coded manner. The operator immediately see’s where the bonding problems are.

Especially the Gluing techniques are becoming more and more important in the industry. The strength of a material, which has been bonded together, is a function of the number and size of flaws “created” during the manufacturing process (air bubbles, porosity, cracks, non- bonded areas (e.g. "kissing bonds").

Although the gluing technique allows high cost savings in many industrial processes, many companies are reluctant to implement this technology, as they fear uncertainties in quality. This could change provided ultrasonic testing techniques are finding their way into the various industrial processes.

Applications for glued, high stress and high strength bonded materials can be found in almost all industrial segments, e.g. microelectronics, medical, aerospace, heavy machinery and constructions.




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