Ultrasonic measurement and inspection equipment is applied for many applications. From thickness measurement of fat on livestock to the determination of the E-modulus of various materials, the applications are numerous. Especially due to the increasing opportunities in the computer industry with fast growing data processing rates more and more applications are possible. Today's scope of advanced documentation and imaging of inspection results lead to more replacements of XR and GammaRay techniques by ultrasound technology. The introduction of the Phased Array technique improves the probability of flaw detection and, at the same time, allows much faster inspections. With Phased Array techniques the ultrasonic inspection becomes economically more attractive than ever before.

Some of the most important industry segments are listed below:

Sonotron products are versatile. They can be used for almost all applications. With the exception of the standard Flaw Detector UTPod, all Sonotron instruments are multimodal, means: They combine conventional UT with ToFD techniques and for ISONIC 2009 and ISONIC 2010 even with additional Phased Array technology. Furthermore Sonotron Phased Array equipment works with separate Emitter/Receiver for all elements (no multiplexing at all!), which allows much faster scanning and much more flexibility in using the different apertures for different inspection jobs during the same scanning process (real multi-group applications). Another great feature is the "TRUE TO GEOMETRY" imaging which makes it very easy for the operator to analyse the inspection results.

ISONIC instruments are also equipped with an encoder which allows true location imaging. 100 % raw data capturing is a standard in Sonotron instruments as well.  Furthermore operating the  instrument is very easy due to the self-explanatory menu concept which allows very fast adjustment and calibration. This all leads to a very economical way of ultrasonic inspections. The owner of Sonotron products will save valuable time and money. 




United NDT and Sonotron NDT are solution providers in Ultrasonic testing.

We not only provide High-Tech Ultrasonic Inspection equipment, we also develop and manufacture Hard- and Software for special applications. Whether you are looking for testing solutions with single- and multichannel instruments, conventional ultrasonic technology or advanced Phased ArrayTOFD, manual, semi-automatic and automatic scanner Systems.




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